Sérgio Filipe Garrau dos Santos Almeida

Geo-Replication in Large Scale Cloud Computing Applications

Tese submetida para provas de mestrado em Engenharia Informática e de Computadores Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa.


Managing the tradeoffs among consistency, availability, and scalability, namely in systems supporting Geo-replication, is one of the most challenging aspects of the design of distributed datastores for cloud-computing applications. As a result, several combinations of different con- sistency guarantees and replication protocols have been proposed in the last few years. The work described in this report makes a step forward in this path, by proposing a novel dis- tributed datastore design, named ChainReaction, that offers causal+ consistency, with high performance, fault-tolerance, and scalability. We introduce a new replication technique based on Chain Replication, a very interesting replication technique that provides linearizability and high performance in a very simple way. Our approach avoids the bottlenecks of linearizability while providing competitive performance when compared with systems merely offering eventual consistency. Furthermore, ChainReaction can be deployed both in a single datacenter and Geo- replicated scenarios, over multiple datacenters. We have experimentally evaluated the benefits of our approach by applying the Yahoo Cloud Serving Benchmark to a prototype deployment that includes our own solution as well as Apache Cassandra and FAWN-KV. Finally, our solution also provides a transactional construct that allows a client obtain the value of multiple objects in a consistent way. Experimental results show that this extension has no negative impact on the performance of ChainReaction.


Geo-Replication in Large Scale Cloud Computing Applications
Sérgio Filipe Garrau dos Santos Almeida
MSc Thesis. Instituto Superior Técnico, Universidade Técnica de Lisboa.
October, 2012.
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Luís Rodrigues