xAMp: A Protocol Suite for Group Communication

L. Rodrigues and P. Veríssimo

A shorter version of this report was published in the Proceedings of the 11th Symposium On Reliable Distributed Systems, Oct, 1992 Houston, Texas.


The xAMp is a highly versatile group communications service aimed at supporting the development of distributed applications, with different dependability, functionality, and performance requirements. These range from unreliable and non-ordered to atomic multicast, and are enhanced by efficient group addressing and management support. The basic protocols are synchronous, clock-less and designed to be used over broadcast local-area networks, and portable to a number of them. The functionality provided yields a reasonably complete solution to the problem of reliable group communication.

Whilst other protocols exist that offer similar services, we follow a new engineering approach by deriving all qualities of service from a single basic procedure. Thus, their implementation shares data structures, procedures, failure-recovery algorithms and group monitor services, resulting in an highly integrated package.

Also vailable extended report (gzip postscript), (pdf) .

Luís Rodrigues