Schedulability Analysis of an Event-based Real-Time Protocol Framework

Joćo Rodrigues, Joćo Ventura, Luķs Rodrigues

Selected sections of this report will be published in the Proceedings of the Seventh IEEE International Workshop on Object-oriented Real-Time Dependable Systems, (WORDS 2002), San Diego, CA, USA, January 2002.


This paper presents a method to analyze the timing behavior of an event-based real-time protocol composition framework. The framework, called RTAppia, allows the development and implementation of configurable real-time protocol stacks. The method performs the schedulability analysis for events flowing in a real-time channel and is based on the holistic theory for distributed real-time systems. To illustrate the use of the model, a stack of modular reliable group communication protocols for the CAN field-bus is analyzed and the collected results are compared with previous work.

Also available extended report (gzip postscript), (pdf) .

Luís Rodrigues