An Indulgent Uniform Total Order Algorithm with Optimistic Delivery.

Pedro Vicente and Luís Rodrigues

Selected sections of this report were published in the Proceedings of the 21st IEEE Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems, pp. 92-101, Osaka, Japan, October 2002.


A total order algorithm is a fundamental building block in the construction of distributed fault-tolerant applications. Unfortunately, the implementation of such a primitive can be expensive both in terms of communication steps and of number of messages exchanged. This problem is exacerbated in large-scale systems, where the performance of the algorithm may be limited by the presence of high-latency links. Typically, the most efficient total order algorithms do not provide uniform delivery and assume the availability of a perfect failure detector. Such algorithms may provide inconsistent results if the system assumptions do not hold. On the other hand, algorithms that assume an unreliable failure detector always provide consistent results but exhibit higher costs. This paper presents a new algorithm that combines the advantages of both approaches. On good periods, when the system is stable and processes are not suspected, the algorithm operates as if a perfect failure detector is assumed. Yet, the algorithm is indulgent, since it never violates consistency, even in runs where processes are suspected.

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Luís Rodrigues