Enforcing real-time behaviour of lan-based protocols.

Paulo Veríssimo, José Rufino and Luís Rodrigues

in Proceedings of the 10th IFAC Workshop on Distributed Computer Control Systems, September 1991, Semmering, Austria.


Local area networks form the basis of a number of distributed real-time systems. While current standard technology does not solve all problems related with achieving real-time behaviour | in essence, bounded and known message delivery delays | designers should be able to build reliable LAN-based real-time systems now, using existing technology, VLSI, and namely, non-replicated architectures. Methods and techniques that make this possible are worthwhile being studied.

This paper describes the concepts and design options used in Delta-4 to overcome the problems posed by reliable real-time operation over standard LANs, whose only redundancy exists at the physical medium level.

 Also available extended report (gzip postscript), (pdf) .

Luís Rodrigues