GORDA: An Open Architecture for Database Replication

A. Correia Jr., J. Pereira, L. Rodrigues, N. Carvalho, R. Vilaša, R. Oliveira, and S. Guedes.

Selected sections of this report will be published in the Proceedings of the 6th IEEE International Symposium on Network Computing and Applications (IEEE NCA07), July, 2007, Cambridge, MA, USA.


Recently, third party solutions for database replication have been enjoying an increasing popularity. Such proposals address a diversity of user requirements, namely preventing conflicting updates whithout the overhead of synchronous replication; clustering for scalability and availability; and heterogeneous replicas for specialized queries. Unfortunately, the lack of native support from database vendors for third party replication forces implementors to either modify the database server, restricting portability, or to develop a middleware wrapper, which causes a performance overhead. This paper addresses this problem with a novel architecture and programming interface for replication, such that different strategies can be efficiently implemented on any compliant database management system in a cost-effective manner. The contribution is two-fold. First we propose a reflective model of transaction processing. Then we implement the proposed architecture in Apache Derby, PostgreSQL, and Sequoia and evaluate such efforts.

Also available extended report (pdf) .

Luís Rodrigues