A Genetic Algorithm for Multicast Mapping in Publish-Subscribe Systems.

Mário Guimarães and Luís Rodrigues

Selected sections of this report were published in the Proceedings of the 2nd IEEE International Symposium on Network Computing and Applications, pp. 67-74. April 16-18, 2003, Cambridge, MA, USA.


In publish-subscribe systems, multicast is an efficient way to propagate information from the publishers to a group of subscribers. This paper studies the problem of mapping a large set of subscriptions into a fixed, smaller, set of multicast groups in order to support efficiently the dissemination of events. Given the large search space for this problem, it is infeasible to obtain the optimal solution in reasonable time. To address this difficulty, the paper proposes and evaluates a genetic search solution for the mapping problem.

Also available extended report (gzip postscript), (pdf).

Luís Rodrigues