Context Adaptation of the Communication Stack

J. Mocito, L. Rosa. N. Almeida, H. Miranda, L. Rodrigues, and A. Lopes

Selected sections of this report were published in the Proceedings of the Third International Workshop on Mobile Distributed Computing (MDC'05), in conjuction with the 25th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems (ICDCS-25), Columbus, Ohio, USA, June 2005.


This paper presents a middleware framework to support the development of context-aware adaptive communication protocols, that can be reconfigured according, not only to the local context, but also to the context of the remaining remote participants. The advantages of the framework are illustrated using the concrete example of an adaptive group communication protocol. The protocol supports a distributed chat application that can be executed in both fixed PCs and mobile devices.

Also available extended report (pdf) .

Luís Rodrigues