Topology Stability-Aware Multicast Protocol for MANETs.

J. Mocito, O. Denysyuk, L. Rodrigues, and H. Miranda

Selected sections of this report were published in the proceedings of the 36th Annual IEEE Conference on Local Computer Networks, (LCN), Bonn, Germany, October 2011. (short paper).


Multicast is an important building block for many applications in MANETs, including data dissemination, service discovery, publish-subscribe, among others. Therefore, it has been widely studied and many solutions can be found in the literature. However, most existing multicast protocols are tailored to a specific type of mobility pattern and therefore are unable to excel in face of heterogeneous topology stability conditions. This paper proposes and evaluates \protname, a Topology Stability-Aware Multicast Protocol for MANETs that combines the efficiency of structured routing with the robustness of optimized flooding, adapting its forwarding mechanism according to locally perceived mobility conditions. Also available extended report (pdf)

Luís Rodrigues