An Algorithm for Dissemination and Retrieval of Information in Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

H. Miranda, S. Leggio, L. Rodrigues, and K. Raatikainen.

Proceedings of the Euro-Par 2007, Rennes, France, August 2007.


Replication of data items among different nodes of a wireless infrastructureless network may be an efficient technique to increase data availability and improve data access latency. This paper proposes a novel algorithm to distribute data items among nodes in these networks. The goal of the algorithm is to deploy the replicas of the data items in such a way that they are sufficiently distant from each other to prevent excessive redundancy but, simultaneously, they remain close enough to each participant, such that data retrieval can be achieved using a small number of messages. The paper describes the algorithm and provides its performance evaluation for several different network configurations.

Also available extended report (pdf) .

Luís Rodrigues