The GlobData Fault-Tolerant Replicated Distributed Object Database.

L. Rodrigues, H. Miranda, R. Almeida, J. Martins and P. Vicente

Selected sections of this report were published in the Proceedings of the First Eurasian Conference on Advances in Information and Communication Technology, pp. 426-433, October 2002, Teheran, Iran. Springer Verlag.


GlobData is a project that aims to design and implement a middleware tool offering the abstraction of a global object database repository. This tool, called Copla, supports transactional access to geographically distributed persistent objects independent of their location. Additionally, it supports replication of data according to different consistency criteria. For this purpose, Copla implements a number of consistency protocols offering different tradeoffs between performance and fault-tolerance. This paper presents the work on strong consistency protocols for the GlobData system. Two protocols are presented, that rely on the use of atomic broadcast as a building block to serialize conflicting transactions. The paper also describes the procedure to reintegrate failed nodes.

Also available extended report (gzip postscript), (pdf) .

Luís Rodrigues