Group Communication Support for Dependable Multi-User Object Oriented Environments

Hugo Miranda, Miguel Antunes, Luís Rodrigues, and A. Rito Silva

Selected sections of this report were published in the Proceedings of theInternational SRDS Workshop on Dependable System Middleware and Group Communication (DSMGC 2000), in conjunction with the 19th IEEE Symposium on Reliable Distributed Systems, Nurnberg, Germany, October 2000.


Distributed multi-user interactive systems have a rich and complex set of requirements including the need for dependable operation. A promising approach to tackle the complexity of these systems is to rely on configurable architectures that are able to support component re-utilization and composition.

The MOOSCo project, Multi-user Object-Oriented environments with Separation of Concerns, addresses the difficulties in applying a component-based approach in a vertical and integrated manner, from analysis to implementation, to the design of this class of systems. To support communication among distributed entities, the project will use a configurable group communication system called Appia. The paper discusses the role of Appia in the MOOSCo architecture.

Also available extended report (pdf).

Luís Rodrigues