A Framework to Support Multiple Reconfiguration Strategies.

L. Rosa, L. Rodrigues, A. Lopes.

Proceedings of the Autonomics 2007, October 2007, Rome Italy.


Self-management is a key feature of autonomic systems. This often demands the dynamic reconfiguration of a distributed application. An important issue in the reconfiguration process is the strategy that is used to coordinate the multiple participants involved in the reconfiguration. This paper addresses the problem of providing support for multiple reconfiguration strategies in autonomic systems that are designed as self-reconfigurable service compositions. We decompose existing strategies in two separate aspects --- an orchestration protocol and a local reconfiguration procedure. This separation allowed us to design a set of generic pluggable components that can be integrated in concrete service compositions, in order to support different strategies. The strategy selection is performed according to the semantics of each reconfiguration. To illustrate our approach, we have implemented an instance of these pluggable components for the RAppia composition framework.

Also available extended report (pdf) .

Luís Rodrigues