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Safe Cloud - Secure and Resilient Cloud Architecture, EC-IST

PCAS - Personalised Centralized Authentication System, EC-IST

LEAD Clouds - Large Efficient And Dependable Clouds, CAPES/CNPq


RC-Clouds - Resilient Computing in the Clouds, FCT - coordinator

REGENESYS - Regeneration of Replicated Systems, FCT - coordinator

DIVERSE - Diversity for Intrusion Tolerant Systems, FCT

ReD - Resilient Database Clusters, FCT

SITAN - Services for Intrusion Tolerant Ad Hoc Networks

CMU-Portugal Research and Education Partnership

TCLOUDS - Trustworthy Clouds – Privacy and Resilience for Internet-scale Critical Infrastructure, EC-IST

TRONE - Trustworthy and Resilient Operations in a Network Environment

FTH-Grid - Fault-Tolerant Hierarchical Grid Scheduling, PT-FR cooperation, with Univ. Paris VI, FCT/Égide - coordinator of FCUL's team

ReSIST - Resilience for Survivability in IST, network of excelence, EC-IST

CRUTIAL - CRitical UTility InfrastructurAL Resilience, EC-IST

TISD - Tolerância a Intrusões em Sistemas Distribuídos, CAPES/GRICES

ESFORS - European Security Forum for services, software and systems, CA, EC-IST

RITAS - Randomized Intrusion Tolerance for Asynchronous Systems, FCT

AJECT - Attack Injection on Software Components, FCT

COPE -- Secure and Reliable Parallel Processing, FCT

DeFeATS -- Distributed Fault and Attack Tolerant Systems configuration, FCT (2001-03)

MAFTIA -- Malicious- and Accidental-Fault Tolerance for Internet Applications, EC-IST (2000-03) - EU Descartes Prize Finalist 2004 (some articles in the portuguese press)


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