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Two papers accepted at NCA 2017

Enhancing Throughput of Partially Replicated State Machines via Multi-Partition Operation Scheduling
Zhongmiao Li, Peter Van Roy and Paolo Romano

Augure: Proactive Reconfiguration of Cloud Applications using Heterogeneous Resources
Richard Gil Martinez, Zhongmiao Li, Antónia Lopes, Luís Rodrigues

New book

Segurança no Software (Software Security)
2ª Edição Atualizada e Aumentada
Miguel Pupo Correia and Paulo Jorge Sousa, FCA, 2017

Two papers accepted at Middleware 2017

Rectify: Black-Box Intrusion Recovery in PaaS Clouds
David R. Matos, Miguel Pardal, Miguel Correia

POLM2: Automatic Profiling for Object Lifetime-Aware Memory Management for HotSpot Big Data Applications
Rodrigo Bruno, Paulo Ferreira