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Two papers accepted at CCGrid 2017

Chrysaor: Fine-Grained, Fault-Tolerant Cloud-of-Clouds MapReduce
Pedro A. R. S. Costa, Fernando Ramos and Miguel Correia

Practical Service Placement Approach for Microservices Architecture
Mennan Selimi, Llorenc Cerda, Marc Sanchez-Artigas, Felix Freitag, Luis Veiga

New paper accepted at WWW 2017

Blotter: Low Latency Transactions for Geo-Replicated Storage
Henrique Moniz, João Leitão, Ricardo Dias, Johannes Gehrke, Nuno Preguiça and Rodrigo Rodrigues

Two papers accepted at ICDCN 2017

FastRank: Practical Lightweight Tolerance to Rational Behaviour in Edge Assisted Streaming
Xavier Vilaça, Luís Rodrigues, João Silva, Hugo Miranda

Accountability in Dynamic Networks
Xavier Vilaça, Luís Rodrigues

Seven papers accepted at NCA 2016

Task Based Load Balancing for Cloud Aware Massively Multiplayer Online Games
André Negro, Luis Veiga, Paulo Ferreira

DARSHANA: Detecting Route Hijacking For Communication Confidentiality
Karan Balu, Miguel Pardal and Miguel Correia.

NoSQL Undo: Recovering NoSQL Databases by Undoing Operations
David Matos and Miguel Correia

Feature Set Tuning for Machine Learning based Network Intrusion Detection
Arnaldo Gouveia and Miguel Correia

MACHETE: Multi-path Communication for Cloud Security
Diogo Raposo, Miguel Pardal, Luís Rodrigues and Miguel Correia

Leveraging an Homomorphic Encryption Library to Implement a Coordination Service
Eugénio Silva and Miguel Correia
(short paper)

vtTLS: A Vulnerability-Tolerant Communication Protocol
André Joaquim, Miguel L. Pardal and Miguel Correia
(short paper)